Xbee and Zigbee Based Projects for Final Year Engineering Students.

Xbee and Zigbee based projects for final year engineering students: It Covers initial setup to create a simple chat using 2x B’s and get us into API mode. Where we will gather an XBee digital input from a remote Xbee and Zigbee. We stay with using the API mode and gather analog data from a remote Zigbee lastly less than with sending digital output to room or XP throughout these you will get aquick reference guide on the XP.

Xbee and Zigbee Based Projects for Final Year Engineering Students

What is Xbee and ZigBee? 

Here the XBee some people call it z truly. It is XBee  or we call it ZigBee it’s another wireless communication protocols like Wi-Fi BlueTooth etc and all of them are at 2.4 desires as we now are a free license frequency for hobbyists and for any other experimental activities. The beauty of this particular module is to small as you can see the comparison with a coin. It’s in fact the less the size of a coin of a bitcoin and the beauty is that it consumes very little power in the sense a small battery of births a 3.3-volt battery could power this particular device for about a year a small button cell of 70volts so that’s the beauty and the range can be covered depending on its current consumption from may be from about 50meters to even over a kilometer that’s.

Xbee and Zigbee Based Projects for Final Year Engineering Students

The beauty of this particular small device this has an advantage that it talks to your T in the interface UART interface the famous the interface and it can have point-to-point communication or it can have a star communication concept also once you look into the datasheet of this to go to the internet and find out the data set of this it’s about 16 9 pages and it’s not easy for somebody to read that transform.

What are the Xbee and Zigbee Based Projects for Final Year Engineering Student?

Kind of XBee it into any kind of use as far as a student-level project is concerned so it’s better to refer to some specific projects where the application is very easy in fact it can also be used with ordinal volts very easily because Audinodoes have the URL or the USB interface with the present days the laptops do not come with serial port and since the USB ports also feasible with this feature of ZigBee module final year engineering project.

So it is better that we use the laptop so these are the few points in favor of its bi-directional communication it can listen on it can transmit your interface it into any microcontroller any kind of microcontroller engineering projects. which can be interfaced and the beauty is that when the signals idle the no data is transmitted and that is the reason how the power.

Wireless Xbee and Zigbee microcontroller

Which the link is down below and download this print it out and have it with you throughout all the context about it’ll make things a lot easier I actually teach from this so you don’t have to keep. so you just have to reference this next time you need to learn something next time you need to remember anything about X b’s if you do find it to be useful and handy all I ask is that I share my experience on my blog to show you things I really appreciate it .now let’s get into Xbee is a wireless microcontroller made by Digi.

Concept of Xbee models – final year engineering project

It utilizes the ZigBee 802 14.5 protocol to communicate between two wireless radios it consists of 20 pins and a little antenna. whether it has 11 digital i/o (input/output) pins and 4 analog pins in this blog we’ll cover the s2 model however these concepts can also be applied to other XBee models. the Xbee s2 requires 3.3 voltage to operate, it has an indoor range of 40meters and a line of sight range of 120meters it uses the 2.4 gigahertz frequency the X Be’s pin spacing it’s just a little bit too small to fit into a normal breadboard.

LED light indicates of Xbee and ZigBee

It also uses 3.3 volts because of this I recommend getting an adapter kit these kits on this one I got from Adafruit there many to choose from it allows you to plug the xBee straight into the board which then allows you to plug it right into a breadboard and because of that thing become finally useful even more so it allows for you to use five volts or 3.3 volts and it has a couple of led lights to indicate the status of the Xbee these little boards are very hand another popular kit.

How to share Xbee & ZigBee networks

The Xbee and Zigbee are electronics engineering projects; Explorer found on Sparkfun another great feature about, xBee is that it interfaces with Arduino very easily and because of that I’m gonna be using Arduino pretty heavily with throughout these engineering now let’s talk about how XBee share networked one XBee is called the coordinator one and only wine coordinator can be in each network if the coordinator goes down the network goes down the coordinator is in charge of setting up the network and it can never sleep the next one.

Xbee/ Zigbee router API model

we have routers, we can have multiple routers in a network they can relay signals from other routers or from an endpoint to a router and so forth they can never sleep either lastly. we have endpoints can there could be multiple endpoints in the network. they cannot relay signals from other endpoints or other routes they are at the endpoints and they can go to sleep to save power. when creating your Xbee project for engineering final year electronics so you’re going to have to decide on what kind of device the Xbee and Zigbee; are going to be. there are two modes the Xbee can be in a T or API mode in eighteen modes the communication goes through the Xbee in API mode.

FTDI cable to setup XBee/Zigbee

you can interact with an XP to send a command or received data directly from the Xbee itself now let’s start setting up the Xbee and ZigBee projects in each project that we’re going to do we need to actually adjust the settings on XBee’s itself. in order to do that we need to connect it to a computer there are a couple of ways to do that first is the easiest method which is getting an FTDI cable this is what the cable looks like it’s USB on one side and on the other side has six pins that allow you to plug straight into an Xbee kit.

This allows you to plug straight into a computer and it allows you to have a serial connection to your Xbee to another method is to get an adapter that goes into a breadboard here’s what it looks like you can see here it’s an FTDI adapter this allows you to plug it into the board itself and then plug the correct pins into the ports needed on the XP then you can use a USB cable to plug into this adapter and then the other side goes into the computer.

Support of serial connector for Arduino XBee

This again will allow you to use the serial connection to your Xbee if you don’t have any of that and you have an Arduino you can actually hack the Arduino to get it to work as well if you have an Arduino with the removable chip you can pry that out but I recommend not doing that instead take the reset pin on the Arduino and pull that to the ground like so when you do that on the Arduino it actually bypasses the chip completely so now we want to set it up on the board so we put the Xbee in there and in this case we’re going to connect the TX pin to the port on Arduino and the RX pin to their export this is the only time you’re willing to connect TX to TX and Rx to read all other video lessons it’s going to be switched TX will go to our X and our X will go to TX.

CTU software to configure XBee

Then, of course, we just need some power 5 volts goes to 5volts on the XBee and ground goes to ground on the XP now when we put this into the laptop it will become the serial device that we can communicate it to the XP once you have your serial connection established it’s time to download some software Digi has created a program called X CTU which you can download from the site, unfortunately, it’s only available for Windows machine sat this time it is also possible to use a terminal emulator to get into the Xbee using command line this is limited and difficult to use so only be covering how to configure the XBee using the X CTU software ok.

Xbee and ZigBee Electronics Engineering Projects

so now that you have connected your Xbee up using the serial connector and you’ve downloaded a software let’s load up the software uploading it.you should see a comport is available and this is the settings here baud rate is 9600 you can actually increase that to make the communication to the Xbee and electronic ZigBee faster but I wouldn’t mess with that leave. it at 9600 it’s fine you can click test to make sure you communicating to your Xbee. it actually displays the serial number so that’s good that’s what you want let’s go over to a motor mode of configuration and I’ll click read, so the modem we want to be xBee.

How to utilize XBee/ ZigBee function

which is xBee that’s what we’re using and ZigBee some of these other ones Zigbee is what you want some of the other ones are for other devices that Digi makes but we’re going to be utilizing Zigbee only the function set? this is where you can change between coordinator and end device and router we covered that already between 80 and API you also have more options as well in which we’ll cover more later versions later the version here is what version of the software you’re running let’s always keep the latest version of the software so in order to do that you to upgrade your firm-ware click download new versions click web. that I’ll go out to Dizzy’s website and look for any files that you don’t already have and download them and then you can look at the version you’ll see there’ll be a new version here.

you don’t that isn’t applied so you would click that click always update firmware and then click write and that was that will update your XP with the latest firmware or so now I want to take you through some of the settings on the XBee first is the most important pan ID this is the personal area network and you can set this to whatever you want but make sure that all of the X-Bee’s in your network have the same setting here so now scrolling down.

Setup Destination address in Xbee

you can see there’s the serial number of this device this you can’t change but it’s nice to be able to see what it is now the destination address if you want to send communication to just one xBee you can put its serial number in here both the high and the low serial numbers required however if you put in zero like it is in here it actually sends a broadcast to all of the devices within the network that’s really cool the other option is to make it all zeros.

which means that you’re just going to send communication to the coordinator ok lastly I want to show you down here by the pin settings let’s choose one of these you can say this is where you can indicate whether a pin should be an analog input pin or a digital input pin or you can just set the pin to low or high so this is really cool to be able to control these settings and we’re gonna get much more into that in later videos but I just wanted to give you a taste of what you can do ok.

So that was a lot to cover just to get us started with the xBee and that concludes this text now you know what it can do how to connect it to a computer and how to change the settings so we can now start building some cool projects like-Xbee and Zigbee Based Projects for Final Year Engineering Students in the next blog I’ll show you how to create simple chat so see you next time.

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Xbee and Zigbee Based Projects for Final Year Engineering Students

Xbee and Zigbee Based Projects for Final Year Engineering Students

XBee or ZigBee is another wireless communication protocols like Wi-Fi BlueTooth etc and all of them are at 2.4 desires as we now are a free license frequency for hobbyists and for any other experimental activities.
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