Wireless Communication Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students.

Wireless communication projects ideas for final year engineering students: The Wireless technology from radio-controlled toys to sophisticated satellite communications from AM radio kilohertz waves to W line gigahertz width from the very long. waves used for submarine communication to very short UWB pulses from the global GSMnetwork to the extremely close body area network wireless communication has revolutionized the way in which we work to connect and communicate to the outer world.

 Wireless Communication Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students

it has made the world a very small entity uncovering the aspect of pervasive or ubiquitous computing under the banner anywhere anytime our today topic in wireless communication which is module number one of paper mobile-computing in the subject of wireless information technology the topics of final year communication for Engineering student.  which we’ll be covering is an introduction to wireless communication project advantages and types of wireless communications project ideas and challenges faced by wireless communication.

History of wireless communication technology

The history of wireless engineering idea invents, since its inception by the invention of radio waves by Marconi let us begin with the definition of wireless communication what is meant by wireless communication transmitting voice or data without the use of electrical conductors or wires over some distance this distance can be small in the case of Bluetooth SIG P WLAN remote-controlled toys. TV remote control and it can be long in the case of satellite communication mobile phones radios high altitude platform that is a cheapy to understand that how wireless communication works we said that wireless communication projects idea for the final year engg does not use wires.

then how do they transmit the information for this let me ask you a questionnaire you experiencing any sort of wireless communication transmission around you right now I am sure that I will be getting very big answers likeI’m using GPS I’m using Wi-Fi I’m using Bluetooth but before we study about this sophisticated and specialized technology let us not forget the most humble and the primitive wireless transmission which we experienced in our Wireless Communication Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students day to day life. that is vision human vision how do we see when light falls an object according to the property of the object it reflects absorbs or transmits the light the reflected light reaches our eyes a brain interprets it and we are able to perceive the object.

Wireless communication project ideas for engineering student

why we are not able to see in the dark obviously because there is no light means there is no energy so all form of wireless communication final year projects needs some energy to transmit principal of engineering and sources of energy for wireless communication are electromagnetic energy is carried by electromagnetic waves what are electromagnetic waves a stream of a massless particle moving in a sinusoidal wave-like pattern with the velocity of light in the vacuum they can travel in a vacuum. then vacuum projects ideas electronics wireless communication projects the speed of electromagnetic waves is 3 into 10days to power 8 meters per second.

That is the speed of light electromagnetic waves are characterized by different attributes frequency wavelength amplitude-phase and energy we’ll be discussing all these attributes detailing the next module but we’ll be referring these attributes in this module so let us have a quick introduction of these attributes what is frequency literally frequency means the rate of change in context with electromagnetic waves frequency is a number of cycles completed in one second like suppose if 10 cycles are completed in  1 second.

Wireless Communication Roll of Hertz

we say that frequency is 10if it is measured in Hertz make suppose when I speaking when I speak fast I’m saying that my frequency is high when I am making slow I’m saying that the frequency is low I’m giving an example of a sound wait but actually electromagnetic sound waves are no electromagnetic waves they have mechanical ways but just to explain the concept of frequency. I can tell this in case of light frequency is measured by colors different colors appear different frequencies, for example, violet indigo blue green yellow orange red the constituent colors which makes the visible spectrum or.

The lights are at different frequencies next attribute is wavelength what is wavelength the peak values the distance between the two peak value is known as wavelength you can see that as the frequency is increasing the distance between the peak values is decreasing .so we conclude that frequency and wavelength are inversely proportional to each other these are the basic two attributes on which the electromagnetic waves can be divided amplitude describes the strength of the electromagnetic waves in case of light amplitude describes brightness in case of sound again I am referring it is not an electromagnetic base.

Amplitude defines loudness electromagnetic waves are arranged according to the frequency of wavelengths in different bands and the collection of those bands is known as electromagnetic spectrum it varies from gamma rays x-rays ultraviolet rays visible infrared rays microwaves and radio waves the gamma rays have got the highest frequency of the order of terahertz and lowest wavelength of the order of nanometers radio waves have got very low frequency may be of the order of kiloHertz and wavelength in kilometers now not all the part of this electromagnetic spectrum is suitable for the best idea for a wireless communication project electronic engineering

Radio electromagnetic wireless communication projects

The part of the electromagnetic spectrum which is appropriate for the wireless communications radio waves microwaves infrared waves and visible waves. or the visible spectrum radio waves are used in radio-television mobile phones Wines etc. when Marconi discovered radiowaves least that he knew that it will bring a revolution in the wireless communication industry radio waves are made projects example- Wireless Communication Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students easy to generate they travel mini directional along they travel on a directional from the transmitter in all directions they can travel long distances they are less attenuated they can cross the obstacles.

They can even travel under the ground and hence making them suitable for submarine communication special types of waves known as short waves get reflected; from the ionosphere layer of the atmosphere hence covering a large distance across the globe. they are known as short waves travel long distances across the globe microwaves are a higher frequency than radio waves they are unidirectional they travel alongshore distances they are easily obstructed and require line-of-sight for communication while walking on the highway while traveling through the highway.

Transistor radio communication

we observed equally spaced antennas along the side of the highways those are microwave antennas which replaced at regular intervals because to allow the line of sight between them the next type of Engineering Wireless Communication Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students of band the next band is infrared waves it is used in remote control’s infrared data Association.

we know that it is again at a higher frequency from the radio waves as well as microwaves and as the frequency increases the distance of wireless communication transmission project idea, also decreases so infrared waves can travel through short distances of the order of meters. they are also easily obstructed they are used in TV TVremote and infrared data Associationvisible spectrum can also be used for wire fewer communications now to allow the visible spectrum to transmit the information.

Wireless connection used LED

we need to focus it so visible spectrum is used for wireless communication using LEDs and laser lights they can be used for wireless internet. which can be established between two adjacent buildings but they’re easily deviated by bad weather rain and strong winds and also the required line-of-sight easily obstructed by obstacles the other forms of energy other than the electromagnetic energy.which is used for wireless communication the acoustic energy. which is used in hydrophones and wireless sensor networks and the electronic energy which uses a beam of an electron to transmit the information let us look at the current existing wireless systems some of them are listed and the list is definitely to grow in the coming years.

They are cellular system cordless phones wireless LANs satellites paring Bluetooth vehicular ad hoc networks sensor networks using RFID body area networks ultra-wideband radios and low-cost low-power Bluetooth and ZigBeeand GPS now these are some of the examples of wireless communication systems. which observe and use in our day to day life let us look at the advantages of wireless communication project ideas for the final year is the first advantage is very obvious  for the Wireless Communication Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students ;that is freedom from buyers a wireless environment is the hazel free environment.

Wireless transmission message idea

It is easy to establish use and maintain examples wireless phones wireless headphones keyboard wireless phone chargers and ultra-wideband also promises wireless desktops in the coming years Bluetooth technology enables SMS on a mobile phone to be wirelessly transmitted to the printer. hence reducing the labor of connected to checks plugs and messy yet costly bias the second advantage is mobility. it is well said that when you do not highlight you can fly this is also true with the wireless communication we are flying literally the waves supporting wireless communications move freely in the air. hence they do not tie a device to a particular location as is done by messy wires and cables to support the connectivity.

while the devices are mobile in nature technologies like mobile IP and cellular are used roaming facility initiated by GSM has now been accepted by standards providing flexibility to stay connected anywhere on flow the third advantage global connectivity it says where the wires cannot go wireless can go wireless communications come with the tagline anywhere anytime communications can reach the places which are otherwise invisible or costly to be connected by wires like rural areas moving vehicles hilly regions underwater communication satellite technologies enables seamless connectivity in remote and inaccessible places like deserts dense forest battlefields kilometer affected areas for.

Nasa software communication for device

example NASA finder is a device which can be handheld using a laptop and it runs a finder software to detect the heartbeats of the people who are buried inside it also has a capability to separate the heartbeat of human beings from the heartbeat of rodents like rats which might be present inside the ground convenience wireless communication allows automatic instant communication without any physical setup we enter airport terminal we put on our Wi-Fi we connect to the hotspot and it is done UPS delivery system when you sign a delivery package the UPS tablet uploads it to the main server as a proof of delivery.

we are sitting in a car I just take my RFID card out of the car card reader reads it and the amount is deducted from my account without getting down my toll is being paid next advantages reduced cost the cost can be measured in to form the cost at the time of installation and the cost for maintenance both his costs are higher in Wired setups because wireless setups do not use elaborate infrastructure the installation and maintenance are very less as compared towered.

the wired installation includes the charges of cables and other devices and the charges of cables are in the foot time and labels to plan to wire are also expensive furthermore. if there is damage to the buried cables it requires replacement angry planning .which again is a costly affair conversely wireless attack if done properly requires very less maintenance and that too is easy and cheap the next advantage is the flexibility you can grow only when you are flexible a wireless setup can be easily scaled by configuring more devices to the existing setup.

Challenges of wireless communication projects

which is the otherwise difficult environment because of the limited number of user supports which can be physically connected to the device also scaling requires lots of changing in the wiring in the topologies .which again demands labor and ultimately results in an increase of the cost so these are some of the advantages of wireless communications. every new thing comes with a challenge and Ray Davis has said a challenge becomes obstacle only.

when you bow to it wireless communication also faces a lot of challenges of communication project there are lots of efforts already made to cope up with these challenges and many more are in pipeline we’ll be discussing some of the challenges which are wireless communication industry faces the first one is of efficient hardware.

what do Imean when I say efficient hardware the first requirement is that it should be functionally good the second is that it should consume less power third it should be of low cost it should be lightweight I am carrying it from one place to another place so weight should be less.

3G wireless technology communication project idea introduce

The introduction of 3G and following technologies multimedia applications are most sought after which is a power-hungry scenario power is a most critical resource in wireless body area networks which provide ubiquitous healthcare infrastructure like health heart monitoring system etc now how to control the power at the equipment level power saving can be done by switching it to sleep mode?

when not in use and using low power transmitters and receivers for wireless devices advances in semiconductor technology and transmission at high frequencies have resulted in small antenna sizes hence making the devices lightweight and energy-efficient energy-efficient signal-processing components like CMOS offers energy-efficient yet cheap option than its counterpart ECL which is fast but power-hungry at operating-system-level power can be controlled by the use of power-aware file system graphic drivers and other components the technologies like Bluetooth.

and ZigBee is designed in such a way that they extract less power from the device and the upcoming technology ultra wideband which is used for short communication is most efficient in terms of cost power physical sites and data rates the next challenges of finite radio spectrum. though the recent wireless technologies use license-free2.4 gigahertz ASM band for short communications radio frequencies used for long come in long-distance communications like satellite communication radios televisions Mobilephone still relies on the license frequency spectrum.

which is limited and regulated by international standards so it is required to efficiently use the available spectrum without or very little interference. it is required to efficiently use the available spectrum without or very little interference one-approach is cellular frequency reuse but cellular frequency reuse the geographical area is divided into small cells.

Geographical area

which are base station or access point in the center of the cell neighboring cells are assigned different frequencies so in this way the neighboring cells when assigned nonoverlapping frequencies will not interfere with each other but looking at the limited spectrum these frequencies have to be reused so what is done that a cell which is at a geographical distance.

which is at frequency reuse supported by assigning same frequencies to those cells which geographically distant from each other they are also known as radio isolated cells cognitive radio is emerging as another alternative to efficiently utilize the radio spectrum as increases the utilization of radio spectrum to support the traffic spread-spectrum technologies have been applied to reduce the interference the size of the cells.

And becoming small and small nectaries antennas are used to make multiple partitions within the cells to efficiently use the finite radio spectrum the next journalist quality-of-services wireless communication is getting more and more ubiquitous a high quality of service in the delivery of voice video and data is expected in mobile telephony quality of service is estimated by voice-quality signal strength low called blocking and dropping high data rates for multimedia applications.

whereas for wireless networks quality of service depends on throughput delay packet loss rate low packet error rate and reliability factors affecting the quality of services are multipath interference noise improper handoffs during mobility and many more so the solution to maintain the quality of service our signal processing techniques to overcome attenuation installation of repeaters regular intervals to maintain the quality of the signals widespread cellular infrastructure.

Wireless Mobile Communication

MIMO technology that is multiple-input multiple-output antennas is used OFDM that is orthogonal frequency-division modulus modulation to reduced multipath interference proper handoff mechanisms. when the device moves from one cell to another cell Mobile IP to ensure internet mobility improved TCP algorithms. To increase the throughput improved Mac algorithms adapted for wireless scenarios for proper carrier sense and collision detection 3G and 4Gtechnologies these are all measures taken to improve the quality of service future technology like project( Wireless Communication Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students) is coming with the reliability of 99.999.

it is also known as five-point reliability the next challenges mobility management and ideal wireless technology particularly in mobile computing environment should maintain uninterrupted connectivity when mobile device changes location proper infrastructure management installation and maintenance of cells and their networks are one of the measures towards the mobility management proper localization techniques and registration methods are applied to trace and connect the device to the network like GSM uses HLR and violadatabases which maintain information about the location of the devices.

Internet wireless mobility

we have mobile IP and cellular IP to support mobility on Internet another challenge multipath propagation what is meant by multipath propagation when the signal travels from sender to receiver through the radio channel it reflected refracted deflected or scattered by the objects present in the atmosphere or in the environment, as a result, the signal travels through different paths known as multi-paths multipath components reach the receiver with different amplitude at different times and in different phases first of all.

They may also combine with each other constructively or destructively when they combine with each other constructively the amplitude is increased and when they combine each other destructively the amplitude is decreased therefore multipath propagation produce effects like fading furthermore each multipath component arrived the receives a sequence of pulses with different time amplitude and phase called intersymbol interference multiple inputs multiple output and OFDM are solutions.

this effect multiple-input multiple-output actually takes the advantage of multipath propagation in providing additional capacity to the channel OFDM signals can be made orthogonal to each other so that they don’t interfere it is used in eighty-two point 11 n Wi-Fi LTE advanced( Wireless Communication Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students) WiMAX and many more technologies my Moore and OFDMare the solution to this effect OFDM signals can be made orthogonal each other so that they do not interfere it is used by eighty-two point eleven ny5 arts -advanced by Max and many more technologies multiple-input multiple-output is a technology.

Web security for wireless communication

which uses multiple antennas to set up multiple data streams on the same channel to increase its capacity it actually takes the advantage of multipath propagation in providing additional capacity to the channel the next channel is security wireless communications use air as the medium hence are highly susceptible to threats like interception masquerading denial of service replay attacks and much more the wireless communication in all firm requires security but it is more crucial in mobile computing applications in the fields of banking business governance etcand.

therefore an area of special concern every technology comes with its own security measure, for example, gsm offers authenticity both at the device level and network-level at device level unique pinis used to authenticate SIM card at network level authentication. Center performs authentication using a challenge-response technique with the help secret key embedded on the SIM card it also uses the same key to encrypt the traffic using an algorithm of ( Wireless Communication Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students) stored on the same Wi-Fi that offers security by the use of a social web.

that is wired equivalent privacy and the authentication servers like radius Kerberos etc digital signals and certificates are used for verification of Records to maintain anonymity the data is transmitted using the temporary identifier of the users like the MSI number in GSM various introduction intrusion prevention and detection systems are available for ad-hoc networks like MANET and Bennetthistory of wireless communications history of wireless communication goes far back in ancient times.

Wireless telegraphy (18-95)

when the light was used to generations of veterans in China and smoke signals were used in Greece the timeline showing the evolution of wireless and mobile communication from its inception by the invention of optical Telegraph to date is presented I have presented the timeline from 1794 till date.

you can take a look of all the achievements which have been made they are present in your slide but here I’ll be just describing the important achievements which have been made like Marconi marked the beginning of radio communication and demonstrate wireless telegraphy in 1895in 1909 one first transatlantic transmission was performed at a distance of 3,200 kilometers 1920 again Marconidiscovered short waves.

which had the advantage of being reflected ionosphere and hence can be sent around the world in 1933 I am strong invented frequency modulation which overtook .amplitude modulation which offered relatively pure quality due to interference 1973. Motorola invented the first mobile cellular phone in 1982 GSMwas formed it was fully digital and offered voice and data services in 1984standard c t1 cordless phones were for cordless phones was formed gsm was standardized in 1991 it was now called a global system for mobile communication worked at 900 megahertz.

and used 124full duplex channels in 1997 82 points 11was found and was a strong contender in local area networks and overtook – LANwhich was invented in 1996 Wi-Fi or ITriple E eighty-two point 11 used 2.4gigahertz Lices free bands offering data rate to Mbps to 10 Mbps in 1998 mobile communication using satellite. what started with the invention of iridium systems 1999 to 2000 further starting of3G technology it understands and it’s family of standards like UMT CDMA 2000 and city.

Bluetooth and GPS wireless transmissions

Bluetooth was commercialized wireless Application protocol started GPS offering higher data rates and packet-oriented transmissions started 3Gspectrum was at its beginning in 2002digital terrestrial TV started and in2003 H was deployed I Triple E 82 point11g was added to 82 points 11 standard allowing transmission speeds of 54 Mbps Bluetooth specifications 1.2 was released in 2003 4G was launched in 2008 and in2009 the latest in Wi-Fi standards that is 82 points 11 and was approved in 2010I am te ratified by i2 and 4Gcommunications are deployed allover first 4G handset was introduced at international CTIA.

Wireless show till then we are living in an era of 590liability and there is a long way to go towards 5g technology we are living in an era of 5-point reliability and have a long way to go towards 5g in this module have discussed wireless communications and the part electromagnetic spectrum which are appropriate for wireless communications have also discussed the advantages and the challenges of wireless communication and have gone through the history of wireless communication since its inception in 1709t4 by the invention of optical telegramTelegraph till 4G technology 4Gtechnology.

Advantages of wireless communication technology

  1. Wireless networks are cheaper to install and maintain.
  2. Data is transmitted faster and at a high speed.
  3. Reduced maintenance and installation costs compared to other forms of networks.
  4. The wireless network can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.
  5. Working professionals these days can access the Internet anywhere and anytime without carrying cables or wires.
  6. This also permits professionals to complete their work from remote locations.
  7. Medical professionals working in remote areas can be in touch with the medical centers located elsewhere through wireless communication.
  8. Through wireless communication, emergency situations get immediate help and support.

Disadvantages of wireless communication technology

Wireless communication projects ideas for final year engineering students ,has its own disadvantages.

  1. It leads to security threats and data exploitation if not secured appropriately.
  2. An unauthorized person can easily capture wireless signals that spread through the air and misuse information that is transmitted over the wireless network.
  3. To secure wireless signals like WPA and WPA2, one must use strong security protocols. Alternatively, you can also use the wireless intrusion prevention system to secure the wireless network.


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Wireless Communication Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students

Wireless Communication Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students

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