SMS and phone controlled Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students

SMS and phone controlled Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students.

Hi, today I will demonstrate a unique project that is designed and manufactured by engineering projects so and its completely Indian product GSM or SMS and phone controlled projects ideas for final year engineering students. you can use this engineering project for the final year students to turn on or off from your mobile phone by sending the corresponding SMS to it.

 SMS and phone controlled Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students

now I will show you how to install and configure this product is you can see there is a green button to start the pump and a red button to switch it off let’s have a look on connections red button has two wires and green has four sometimes there might be two wires instead of four in the green button as you can see the left green button has four wires whereas the right one has only two.

let’s see what happens when we press these two buttons we will need a meter put it in continuity mold when you press the button the points get shot and once you leave it the points become open same things happen with the lower two points the points will be short already and open .when you press it let’s unbox the product you’ll find SMS and phone controller user manual GSM antenna and few clamps and ties connect the GSMantenna to the controller now remove ‘

SMS and phone controlled 2G 3G 4G final year electronics engg projects

its cover inserts 2g 3G or 4G SIM except for GOC and cover it back mark the points where you need to fix the SMS take two pins from the projects and fix as shown in the next blog connect two wires to our point that is relay one which is normally open connect; the other end of the two blue wires into two points above the start switch these two points get shot when you press the green button and it will get shot automatically when the relay is on.

now connect two wires to our l2 point this wire and the blue wire are the output of different a no-contact of the same relief now connect another end of this wire to the two lower points in the green switch if your green switch has only two points then connect only the yellow wire which is connected in the device connector our 4 points is normally connected now connect two red wires into the points now remove one black wire from the button which is already attached and connect another end of the red wire.

Get SMS notification Mobile LED blink

this removed the black wire and secure it with tape now connect the other end of the red wire to the point from where you remove the black wire in the red button now remove the jumper connect two wires to AC 230 volt connector and now turn on this way the LED will blink every one second until it receives the network and once the network is received. and it will blink at an interval of three seconds now let’s see the configuration select the device SIMnumber to send SMS you can store five admin mobile numbers.

from which you will be operating the controller every command should start and end with a dollar symbol you need to enter the dollar symbol following un1there is user number one enter the mobile number and the dollar symbol at the end without any space and send it once the controller receives the SMS the status led will blink few times and you will receive a reply SMS.

Received mobile Phone SMS on registered mobile

if the number is told successfully now you can operator store any other admin numbers only from this mobile number which you have registered as UN one now type on to switch the SMS on and send the SMS again the status led will blink few times as it receives the SMS.

then it will keep glowing until the SMS and phone controlled is switched on you will receive a reply SMS from the controller the scheduled pump on/off facility will be deactivated as the pump is manually turned on to switch it off send text On FFS text message and you will receive the reply SMS again the status led will now turnoff you can also switch on or off the pump by just giving a missed call from the registered admin numbers.


you will receive the same reply here as well the status led will blink few times and then keep blowing .it will turn off with your second miss call the pump on/off system will toggle with every miss Call.

if you wish to have a look on the list of the stored admin numbers type dollar LST dollar and send it you will receive the list of the mobile numbers that are registered to; register second admin mobile number type dollar un-to and the mobile number and send remember you can register new mobile numbers only using the user number that is already.

Advantages of SMS and phone controlled

The Benefits of SMS:-

  1. SMS is reliable: SMS is a dependable platform for sending important information out,
  2. it’s the ideal tool for businesses to communicate critical and time-sensitive information.
  3. SMSes are read: SMS messages are short and sweet and boast a 98% read rate.
  4. Can send them SMS on phone at any time, day or night.
  5. The person you are sending it SMS to do not have to have their mobile phone switched on (no matter).
  6. Android SMS is a native service that allows you to receive Short Message Service (SMS) messages on your device and send messages to other phone numbers.

Disadvantages of SMS and phone controlled

  • It’s Short  Your messages are limited to only a few characters.
  • It Can Be Spammy.
  • It’s Easy to Block Unknown Numbers.
  • ou Can’t Tell If Texts Have Been Read. …
  • It’s Strictly Regulated.
  • It Isn’t Conversational.


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