GSM and GPS based Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students

GSM and GPS based Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students.

Once upon a time, your ancestors used to look at the night sky to determine their location. Then we used a Thomas Guide, remember those? Today, it only takes one magical technology and projects like (GSM and GPS based Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students)and gets driving directions, send your picnic spot to a lost friend, or track how far you’ve gone during a workout. That technology is called GPS, and you’re about to find out the secret behind it.

GSM and GPS based Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students

GSN and GPS stand for Global Positioning System and was actually a military invention. Its first name was Navstar, and the first satellite was launched in 1978. But not all the Navstarsatellites made it orbit, so it was still a work in progress. GPS became fully functional in the US by 1995 and was first used in cars in 1996.

The highest quality signals were only used for military purposes until May 2000 when it became available to all civilians for free. Today, GPS is managed by the USAir Force. Many modern receivers actually rely on both GPS and the Russian GLONASS satellites to make their accuracy perfect anywhere in the world.

GSM and GPS based Projects Ideas- for Final Year Engineering Student

GPS doesn’t need an Internet connection or a phone signal to function properly; but with them, it becomes more effective.GPS is literally everywhere, and you can now even purchase GPS and GSM insoles to keep track of your kids or relatives with Alzheimer’s disease.

How does it work? To put it simply, GPS is a system that has three basic parts: satellites, ground stations, and receivers. Satellites today are like the stars and constellations that our ancestors used to find out their location.

They’re supposed to be in a certain place at a certain time, and this is important. Ground stations use radars to find out if the satellites really are where they’re supposed to be. A receiver on your phone or in your car is following signals from the satellite engineering project ex-GSM and GPS based Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering, Students to determine how far it is from them.

When it finds out how far you are from four or more GPS satellites, it can tell exactly where you are, with accuracy within feet or even inches.

The GPS and GSM based Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students system has 32 active satellites orbiting the Earth. 24 of them are core satellites, and the rest serve as emergency replacements when something happens to the others. They need constant maintenance and sometimes repairs, but even with all that, they only last about10 years.

2D 3D map via the GPS tracking system

GPS works in any weather, rain or shine; but there is one important condition. A receiver on Earth has to see at least 4satellites to calculate an accurate location because the GPS uses a trilateration mechanism. No worries, folks, it sounds complicated, butI’ll explain it. in a second 2-D and 3-D trilateration, 2-D trilateration is about calculating its latitude and longitude position on a map.

Imagine you went for a run Forrest Gump style, left your home in, say, Wisconsin, and made your first stop after days of running. You know you’re still in the US, but since GPS and GSM don’t exist yet, you have no clue where exactly you are. So luckily, you run into a farmer and ask him.

He doesn’t answer directly but gives you the first clue. You’re400 miles away from Boise, Idaho. Well, that’snot really helpful because there are hundreds of places that fit that description. So you need more clues and ask another person. They kindly inform you that you’re 780 miles from Fargo, North Dakota.

GSM and GPS latitude and longitude

If you put this information you have on paper and draw two circles, you’ll see they only intersect at certain points. And now you know you’ rein one of them! Still, that’s not enough and you find a friendly girl-scout who tells you the final clue. You’re 410 miles away from Salt city.

That’s all you need to know. As you add the third circle to your drawing, you see only one intersection point. Bingo All this data helped you figure out you’re in Boseman, Montana. Which is a nice town, That’s all pretty simple, right? When it comes to 3-D trilateration, it’s basically the same, but there’ll be spheres instead of circles on your drawing. 3-D position includes your latitude, longitude, and altitude.

If the radii from the previous example went in all directions, you’d get a series of 3-Dspheres. So if you know you’re 15 miles away from satellite A, then you’re at some point inside an imaginary sphere that has a 15-mile radius. You’re also positive you’re 20 miles away from satellite B. When two spheres overlap, you’ll see a circle.

Take the distance from the third satellite to build another sphere, and you’ll get two points of intersection. Let’s take the Earth itself for the fourth sphere because you know you’re on the ground and only one of the two possible points is the one you need. The more satellites you use, the more accurate position you’ll get.

GPS satellite signaling system

Doing the calculationsGPS satellites send information about their position and current time to a GPS receiver at certain intervals. The receiver gets the information in the form of a signal. The GPS receiver analyzes radio signals from the GPS satellites to figure out two important things;

the location of at least three satellites in space above you, and the distance between you and those satellites. Radio waves travel at the speed of light. The receiver takes the time it took for the signal to travel from space to the Earth to calculate how far it’s traveled. And it’s not so simple.GPS satellites have atomic clocks that keep the most precise time, but it would be impossible to install these clocks in every receiver.

They cost somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000, so it would make your phone really, really expensive. So, receivers have regular quartz clocks in them that keep updating themselves get the most precise time, thanks to the information they receive from satellites.

The second complication is that time moves faster for objects that are far away from gravity; like Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Satellites’ atomic clocks get 38 microseconds ahead of the ground clock every day. If scientists did nothing about it, GPS locations would be off by 6 miles more every day.

Using at least four, and not three satellites help to solve both of the problems and to determine the precise locations of objects. When you use just three satellites and three spheres, they’ll intersect at some point, even if you’ve got the wrong numbers.

Defense depart use GPS track engineering system

When you have four spheres, there’sno chance you’ll get the wrong measurements. One more thing, it’s not only important to know how far the satellite is from the receiver, but where exactly the satellite is. This task isn’t that hard, in fact, because satellites have predictable orbits.

There’s also a GPS almanac in the receiver that keeps track of where this or that satellite should be at any moment. The pull of the moon and the sun affect the orbits just a bit, but the Department of Defense takes care of that and sends updated information to all GPS receivers, along with satellites’ signals.

GPS not only determines the most accurate location of people and objects but also spends time signals that are accurate within 10 billionths of a second. You can only get more accurate time from the atomic clock, like the one in the GPS satellites. Banking systems, power grids, and cellular networks all rely on GPS for operations from synchronized call handoffs to accurately timestamped transactions.

And here’s a bonus even though it’s incredibly accurate and useful, sometimes GPS takes people to unexpected places, especially in rural areas. Ever get lost? Me too. It can be hard for it to tell an actual road from a mud path, and the consequences are pretty unpleasant for the driver and the passengers. A van driver from Switzerland, for example, once found himself on top of mount Bergen.

GPS and GSM use in vehicles

He was unable to go either back or forward, and so he had to call for help and a heavy-lifting helicopter eventually saved him. He explained to his rescuers that GPS prompted him to get off the main road and he couldn’t ever get back even when he wanted to. Three ladies in Bellevue, Washington didna have time to wait for a helicopter but had to leave their sinking Mercedes-Benz SUV behind.

They were driving after midnight and couldn’t a see that the road GPS told them to take was actually a boat launch that took them directly into the lake! Another story took place in Australia, where three Japanese students were trying to get to North Stradbroke Island by car.


Their GPSsuggested a route that ignored one detail– there were water and mud separating the island from the continent that looked okay to them at low tide. They were rescued by a truck driver. Hey, technology is great – when it works.

Advantages of GSM and GPS

  • The accessibility of Subscriber Identity Modules (SIM cards).
  • which are smart cards; provide secure data encryption to give GSM m-commerce advantages.
  •  GSM service is in more than 200 different countries, so it is quite easy to simply use your GSM phone when you are in one of these countries.
  • Maintain Control Over Your Assets.
  • GPS tracking helps you maintain control over your assets that are important for moving inventory or performing customer service.
  • Customer Service.
  • Eliminate Anxiety.
  • Easy to Use.
  • For security purposes.
  • Compatible with mobile devices.

Disadvantages of GSM and GPS

  • Inaccuracy. GPS devices rely upon receiving signals from at least four satellites.
  • Lack of Local Knowledge. Local knowledge counts for a lot when traveling.
  • Driving Distraction.
  • Signal or Battery Failure.
  • Reliance on the Indian Department of Defense.
  • Privacy Issues.
  • Commercial Exploitation.


We tell you here that we are a project maker and seller all over India. But most recently we working on mechanical engineering projects a final year for the students of BTech. secondly, we remind you that we have a big workshop in Ambala but rather we seated our one office in deva road matiyaari, Lucknow Uttar Pradesh. Do you want to know more about ”GSM and GPS based Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students” for the mechanical students here we deal with the student and provide them final year projects on demand.afterword to know about us go to the site descriptions? Note don’t forget to check our robotics latest projects for your final year project. Also can check the latest electronics projects list.

Biometric and fingerprint based Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students

Biometric and fingerprint-based Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students.

my biometric and fingerprint my face the way I move all of these can be turned into a unique biometric and fingerprint-based projects ideas for final year engineering students. and be used to identify for example for making online payment but how secure is this technology really today on shift when I wait at this bar system registers my face and lets the barman know which customer is next inline I’ve never found my face more useful.

Biometric and fingerprint based Projects Ideas

I use my fingerprint to unlock my phone and to get access to this high-security area a computer first needs to scan my body movements biometrics are increasingly replacing typical passwords and access keys, for example, biometric systems can recognize a person’s specific physical attributes their fingerprints facial features iris or retina the technology is already used around.

The worlds by the Somali army Indian doctors and for authenticating patients for important drugs or for online banking on the smartphone there are even systems that look under your skin so to speak such as infrared scanners that are used in vain matching oxygen-poor blood in veins absorbs;

more infrared light than surrounding tissue so that vein patterns can be matched scientists are currently developing a project like a finger print biometric technology projects a final year.

Biometric and fingerprint-based Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Student

That can recognize a person on the basis of their heartbeat others are working on identifying a person by their brainwave sounds like biometrics are super practical I no longer need those endless letter number and character password combinations happy days or is there a catch.

we talked to Professor Christopheminer to find out he teaches internet technologies and systems at a pod stem-based Research Institute what’s a more secure professor – passwords or biometrics final year engineering projects thing.

using your fingerprint to login is obviously more convenient you just put your finger on the dose or identify it and then you’re in that’s much easier than typing a fingerprint password to the biometric passwords are often we get happy they’re a little out of date but password-protected systems are easy to implement that’s probably. why they’reso common that’s a cost issue the most sense.

I can use to scan a fingerprint or face the more accurately I can capture someone’s biometric profile for their security of this technology depends on how well its implemented.

Recognition of the fingerprint system

if there are enough sensors this is more secure than passwords swishing your skin swishing finger up talk iris recognition fingerprint scans and facial recognition are similar in the sense .that they all check for a single constant biometric feature by which the system recognizes me a password, by contrast;

is something I need to memorize I shouldn’t write it down anywhere because otherwise anyone; who finds it can pretend to be me the future is a multi-factor authentication or at least two-factor authentication and I think that ultimately the most user-friendly systems will be the ones used.

The most biometric identification is convenient but is our personal data safe companies using this tech have to ensure that biometric data is securely stored and encrypted ideally on end-user devices and not in some cloud this makes.

it harder for hackers to get to unfortunately that’s not always done a team of Israeli researchers managed to hack into a 23-gigabyte database with over 27 million records containing fingerprints facial profiles and much more but of course, password databases have also been compromised beyond large-scale hacks.

Password remembering biometric

There’s also a risk of individual systems and devices being cracked and I’m a bit worried about how successful hackers have been at outwitting biometrics a password can be stolen someone can watch you enter it somewhere or find where you wrote it down or even just guess.

it can happen with biometric identification tech biometrics are convenient and save users from having to remember passwords but unlike passwords, you can’t change your biometrical data.

if it’s been hacked and under lab conditions, hackers have managed to outsmart biometric encryption technologies, for instance;

they duped an iPhone fingerprint scanner using a fingerprint they’d lifted from glass and combining a picture of a person’siris with a contact lens got them past Samsung phone iris scanner hackers from any country face detection technology with just a pair of glasses and some tape.

we should stress all these hacks were carried out under lab conditions the quality of a system sensor largely determines how safe.

it is which means smartphones are easier to outwit than elaborate security systems clearly biometrics aren’t as safe as you might think even though a scenario you like taking a fake wax hand along to break into a high-security area ISN very realistic either still many tech companies keep rolling out biometric security features the latest Apple and Google smartphones.

Authentication of face biometric on Facebook

for example, let you make payments using facial recognition tech pretty convenient but it’s my personal data safe with these companies and what if companies or states get too nosy in Great Britain CCTV cameras are ubiquitous the average Londoner is caught on camera 300 times every day.

what if; facial recognition technology was applied to analyze that CCTV footage surveillance cameras are widespread in Britain and London; has been called Europe’s CCTV capital people have even begun using them independently of the authorities because you can go on Facebook.

now get people’s profile images and easy as that upload them onto your own software criminals etc in the area please upload their images all over the online you can pick up them images add them to your security system when the person crosses your cameras system picks it up. so it’s as easy as that not easy perhaps but it’s also an invasion of privacy in Britain many are used to CCTV cameras.

But since authorities have started combining surveillance cameras with facial recognition tech some say this goes too far people like Edie bridges from Cardiff who recently made a shocking discovery the van was parked just around the corner and by the time.

I was close enough to see facial recognition technology written on the van it had already captured my data several times over and that felt like an invasion of my privacyI’m a law-abiding member of the public I was going about my daily business I wasn’t committing any crime.

Technology use in biometric and fingerprint system

I was no threat to anyone and yet the police were there filming me and capturing my data essentially bridges took the WelshPolice to court and lost .he’s currently appealing that ruling but for now, police continued to use their tech scanning hundreds of faces per second checking them against want enlists are learning.

we are developing and there are actually people being taken off the streets .who are wanted for offenses or harm the peanut court as a direct result of the deployment of this technology engineering project.

the question remains whether the ends really justify the means if you ask me we should all be wary of handing out our biometric data I wonder. if the convenience outweighs the potential risks researchers are already working on so-called cans level biometrics;

here the biometric data is encrypted before it’s stored in a nutshell this means that not my actual face is thought but a digitally altered version if anyone hacks the biometric system.

Smartphone biometrics

I can delete my data and create a new biometric password that sounds pretty good and there are even more options like behavioral biometrics here smartphones and wearables analyze how we type or the way you walk for example there’s a software that captures how fast we walk the length of our steps and our hip movement and uses this data to create a movement profile.

which it authenticates us the smartphone fingerprint system can then communicate with a gate, for example, and unlock it when we approach but if your movement doesn’t match the profile the door will remain locked simple behavioral sequences such as how;

you get your smartphone out of your pocket can be enough to identify you within finding and cause but tying this technology into everyday movements can be very convenient because you Wouldnt have to do anything to authenticate yourself.

The software can tap into your smartphones and wearables sensors then it calculates a trust level based on your behavior this means;

it assesses the odds that it’s really you using the device and not some stranger the advantage of this behavioral system is that the other party does not actually need to save your movement profile this data is only registered by your smartphone that;

Cybercriminals data record system

where the trust score is calculated and only this score is shared with the service provider this means your phone alone registers your movements sensitive private data is saved on cloud or shared with a service provider that makes this method particularly secure would put an end to the big problem.


we currently have the leak password files and leaked biometrical data cybercriminals are selling this data online by using behavioral profiles this problem would disappear overnight behavioral security technology and multi-factor authentication are very secure as a rule of thumb the more elaborate the security method in sensors better;

but so far hackers have always managed to crack biometrical security systems under lab conditions facial recognition fingerprint scanners pounding recognition nothing is 100% safe which doesn’t mean.

we should be going back to passwords because these also get stolen plus many people think two-factor authentication is a hassle that’s that.

we should think carefully about if we want to use biometric or passwords at all and which companies we trust to put this sensitive information what do you think are things like using a fingerprint for online banking a great idea.

Advantages of biometric and fingerprint

  • As fingerprints are impossible to lose or forget.
  • it is the best process to verify one’s identity.
  • It makes our security system easier and cheaper.
  • As it can allow a person to get inside after verifying his identity.
  • it can significantly reduce the cost of keeping more security personals at your doors.

Disadvantages of biometric and fingerprint

  • Physical Traits are not Changeable: Most of the biometric modalities work with physical traits such as fingerprint, iris, palm vein, etc. …
  • Error Rate.
  • Cost.
  • Delay.
  • Complexity.
  • Unhygienic.
  • Scanning Difficulty.
  • Physical Disability.


We tell you here that we are a project maker and seller all over India. But most recently we working on mechanical engineering projects a final year for the students of BTech. secondly, we remind you that we have a big workshop in Ambala but rather we seated our one office in deva road matiyaari, Lucknow Uttar Pradesh. Do you want to know more about ”biometric and fingerprint based Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students ” for the mechanical students here we deal with the student and provide them final year projects on demand.afterword to know about us go to the site descriptions? Note don’t forget to check our robotics latest projects for your final year project. Also can check the latest electronics projects list.

SMS and phone controlled Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students

SMS and phone controlled Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students.

Hi, today I will demonstrate a unique project that is designed and manufactured by engineering projects so and its completely Indian product GSM or SMS and phone controlled projects ideas for final year engineering students. you can use this engineering project for the final year students to turn on or off from your mobile phone by sending the corresponding SMS to it.

 SMS and phone controlled Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students

now I will show you how to install and configure this product is you can see there is a green button to start the pump and a red button to switch it off let’s have a look on connections red button has two wires and green has four sometimes there might be two wires instead of four in the green button as you can see the left green button has four wires whereas the right one has only two.

let’s see what happens when we press these two buttons we will need a meter put it in continuity mold when you press the button the points get shot and once you leave it the points become open same things happen with the lower two points the points will be short already and open .when you press it let’s unbox the product you’ll find SMS and phone controller user manual GSM antenna and few clamps and ties connect the GSMantenna to the controller now remove ‘

SMS and phone controlled 2G 3G 4G final year electronics engg projects

its cover inserts 2g 3G or 4G SIM except for GOC and cover it back mark the points where you need to fix the SMS take two pins from the projects and fix as shown in the next blog connect two wires to our point that is relay one which is normally open connect; the other end of the two blue wires into two points above the start switch these two points get shot when you press the green button and it will get shot automatically when the relay is on.

now connect two wires to our l2 point this wire and the blue wire are the output of different a no-contact of the same relief now connect another end of this wire to the two lower points in the green switch if your green switch has only two points then connect only the yellow wire which is connected in the device connector our 4 points is normally connected now connect two red wires into the points now remove one black wire from the button which is already attached and connect another end of the red wire.

Get SMS notification Mobile LED blink

this removed the black wire and secure it with tape now connect the other end of the red wire to the point from where you remove the black wire in the red button now remove the jumper connect two wires to AC 230 volt connector and now turn on this way the LED will blink every one second until it receives the network and once the network is received. and it will blink at an interval of three seconds now let’s see the configuration select the device SIMnumber to send SMS you can store five admin mobile numbers.

from which you will be operating the controller every command should start and end with a dollar symbol you need to enter the dollar symbol following un1there is user number one enter the mobile number and the dollar symbol at the end without any space and send it once the controller receives the SMS the status led will blink few times and you will receive a reply SMS.

Received mobile Phone SMS on registered mobile

if the number is told successfully now you can operator store any other admin numbers only from this mobile number which you have registered as UN one now type on to switch the SMS on and send the SMS again the status led will blink few times as it receives the SMS.

then it will keep glowing until the SMS and phone controlled is switched on you will receive a reply SMS from the controller the scheduled pump on/off facility will be deactivated as the pump is manually turned on to switch it off send text On FFS text message and you will receive the reply SMS again the status led will now turnoff you can also switch on or off the pump by just giving a missed call from the registered admin numbers.


you will receive the same reply here as well the status led will blink few times and then keep blowing .it will turn off with your second miss call the pump on/off system will toggle with every miss Call.

if you wish to have a look on the list of the stored admin numbers type dollar LST dollar and send it you will receive the list of the mobile numbers that are registered to; register second admin mobile number type dollar un-to and the mobile number and send remember you can register new mobile numbers only using the user number that is already.

Advantages of SMS and phone controlled

The Benefits of SMS:-

  1. SMS is reliable: SMS is a dependable platform for sending important information out,
  2. it’s the ideal tool for businesses to communicate critical and time-sensitive information.
  3. SMSes are read: SMS messages are short and sweet and boast a 98% read rate.
  4. Can send them SMS on phone at any time, day or night.
  5. The person you are sending it SMS to do not have to have their mobile phone switched on (no matter).
  6. Android SMS is a native service that allows you to receive Short Message Service (SMS) messages on your device and send messages to other phone numbers.

Disadvantages of SMS and phone controlled

  • It’s Short  Your messages are limited to only a few characters.
  • It Can Be Spammy.
  • It’s Easy to Block Unknown Numbers.
  • ou Can’t Tell If Texts Have Been Read. …
  • It’s Strictly Regulated.
  • It Isn’t Conversational.


We tell you here that we are a project maker and seller all over India. But most recently we working on mechanical engineering projects a final year for the students of BTech. secondly, we remind you that we have a big workshop in Ambala but rather we seated our one office in deva road matiyaari, Lucknow Uttar Pradesh. Do you want to know more about ” SMS and phone controlled Projects Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students” for the mechanical students here we deal with the student and provide them final year projects on demand.afterword to know about us go to the site descriptions? Note don’t forget to check our robotics latest projects for your final year project. Also can check the latest electronics projects list.